Settling in...

We are getting settled here in Bangalore, working on figuring out what kind of routine will work for us. We've been experiencing the highs and lows of commuting here. Our neighborhood (Richmond Town) is near the center of town, but our work (the campus at the Indian Instititute of Management-Bangalore or IIMB) is pretty far south. Here's a map.

Buses are gender segregated here (Ladies in the front, "Gents" in the back), so we actually do spend at least half an hour away from each other, twice a day :) One thing about taking the public bus in Bangalore (at least for men), is you have to just get comfortable with human contact. It can get rather claustrophobic at times:

The campus at IIMB is really beautiful, and Alissa got the better office, but it's quiet and peaceful everywhere. A few pictures below:

The lunch cafe is bustling, delicious, and cheap. The meal you see below cost us $1.50 altogether (not pictured: sweet lime soda for Alissa [delicious] and Fanta orange for me, which I have rediscovered and love). This puppy hangs around everyday, and you can sit and enjoy the view.

We live near a place called Johnson Market, which was apparently built in 1929 for traders and servants of the British ( There is a beautiful mosque nearby, and we have found plenty of sweets...and, of course some kind of street gang led by this rooster...

Okay, that's all for an update for now. We are taking a guided tour of Johnson Market tomorrow, so more to come!