Walking in Johnson Market

A few weeks ago we went on a walking tour of our neighborhood. We live in a predominantly Muslim area and were able to go inside the beautiful mosque that Sam shared a photo of in his last post. It's also the one shown in the background of the photo on the left below. Our hosts were very gracious.

There is a large market near our apartment - Johnson Market - that is housed in an old horse stable used when the British ruled India. The stalls are now occupied by individual vendors selling all manner of vegetables and meat. We met a few grocers who were keen to show us their wares. We've started buying vegetables from these guys and so far have kept a vegetarian diet when cooking at home. It is illegal to butcher cows throughout much of India as they're considered sacred within Hinduism, so most of what they sell is buffalo, lamb, goat, and chicken. (Already looking forward to Empire Burgers in Breckenridge in January!)

Also, this guy sells seafood. MASSIVE seafood.

After five weeks here we've got a pretty good rhythm and are starting to get smiles of recognition at local businesses. (We're very visible minorities.) Though they don't speak much English, the women I ride the bus with now greet me in the morning. One of them even patted me on the shoulder, which I like to think was a measure of acceptance after showing up to battle the morning commute crowds every day. ;)