Courses taught at McGill

EPIB 603: Intermediate Epidemiology (Winter).

EPIB 648: Advanced Methods in Social Epidemiology (Fall, with Jay Kaufman)

EPIB 670: Introduction to Population Health and Social Epidemiology (summer).

EPIB 672: Estimating the Causal Effects of Social Policy on Health (Summer, with Arijit Nandi, Erin Strumpf, and Jay Kaufman).

Medicine and Society: Bias in Medicine: Structural, Clinical and Cognitive (with Nicholas King and Meredith Young)

Other Teaching Materials

DVD cover

DVD cover

Co-Creator (with John Lynch)—“Measuring Health Disparities” interactive CD-ROM and workbook training tool. Michigan Public Health Training Center, 2005.

Measuring Health Disparities is available as either a downloadable computer-based file or a CD-ROM; however, both formats include identical course content.

This CD-ROM is free when sent within the United States and U.S. Territories; please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery. A US$10 shipping fee will be assessed for orders sent internationally. To download an order form, Click here.