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  • Report by The Leaf News on our paper looking at the cannabis “holiday” on April 20 and fatal traffic crashes, 2019-03-07.
  • Feature (and interview) on the Smarter Choices for Better Health Initiative, 2018-11-26.
  • Coverage of our paper on gun violence in US states by CNN, 2018-04-23.
  • NPR’s Hidden Brain story on our paper looking at the impact of recessions on mortality, 2018-01-16.
  • PBS NewsHour coverage of our work on seat belt laws and traffic crash mortality, 2017-04-30.

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Discussion of a recent paper on same-sex marriage laws.

Background Last fall Adam Palayew and I wrote about an interesting paper that claimed that the number of people in fatal traffic …



Beijing Household Energy Transitions

Health and air pollution impacts of household energy transitions

Tabora Newborn and Maternal Health Initiative

Evaluating a reproductive, maternal and newborn health intervention in Tanzania

Affordable Daycare To Empower Indian Women

Evaluating the impact of daycare on women and children

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Recent trends in urban-rural mortality trends.

Kickoff lecture for ‘Smarter Choices’ launch event.

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Objectives: Racial differences in mortality in the United States have narrowed and vary by time and place. The objectives of our study …

OBJECTIVE: To build a longitudinal state-level database on targeted regulation of abortion providers (TRAP) laws. DATA SOURCES: Primary …

Health disparities are commonplace and of broad interest to policy makers, but are also challenging to measure and communicate. The …

OBJECTIVE: To measure trends in socioeconomic inequalities tobacco use in Nepal. SETTING: Adults interviewed during house-to-house …